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  [Plugin] EventDataManager for DreamOS v1.0 r6 [*deb] - 26.11.2021 - new, directly integrated default skin screens for the extended EventView screen (the EventImages are now automatically displayed in all skins in the EventView) - Fixed checking of svg logos whether a logo already exists (some logos were downloaded anew each time) - Query of the content data optimized (certain special characters are ignored in the internal DB query, so that the hit rate is increased) - when calling the content manager via ''yellow'' in the TMDB search, the entry is now selected directly from the search in the content manager - now with support for fallback event images: in the TMDB search you can now save an existing event image (for the event on which the search was based) as a fallback event image in order to use it as a fallback if there is no event image for such a program. This menu can also be used to delete a saved fallback event image. - small improvement in the renderer (in rare cases the default image was displayed instead of an existing backdrop) - default title links.json adapted and extended.