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  [Plugin] AJPanel V.3.2.0 (.ipk) - 11.11.2021 - Zap Portal channel from bouquets (without using the Hotkey). Currently not working on DreamOS with official image. - Added ''AJ Signal/Player'' to Extension Menu to open the Signal Monitor or Player Controller (depending on the current channel). .. This can be used by DreamOS users as a quick access to the Player Controller (to zap portal channels from bouqutes). - Added Search function (Yellow Button) to find name in VOD and Series Categories in Portal Servers. - Current search in portal servers works with a word or sentence (no words separated by commas yet). - Added Color Changer for Main Page (click Menu in Main Page). - Improved Player Controller bar: .. Added Up/Down to the Player Controller (to zap the same way with Chan-Up/Down and Page-Up/down). - Fixed Zapping from bouquet to start the stream from the beginning. Improved Terminal. - Added Red Button to save Terminal text to a file. - Use Exit Button to stop a running command (same as Ctrl-C in Telnet). - Exiting the Terminal needs confirmation now (in case you need to save the results). - Opening commands editor will point to the current selected line number in the original file. - Added Yellow Button to clear Commands History. - Improved Channel Info (for all channel types). - Rearranged File Manager buttons (Red Button = Exit, and Cancel/Exit Button = go up to parent directory). - Added Red Button to save text from almost all text windows. - Improved IPTV Categories tables + added different color per page. - Added ''Row Number'' and Total Rows to all Services/IPTV Tables (will be shown with Info. Button). - Fixed internet connectivity-checking function for "Vu+ Duo4K Se" and ''OpenDroid''. - Redesigned some options to work with Progress Bar (you can cancel at any point). - 1. "Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Channel". 2. ''Analyse m3u File''. - Fixed a crash caused by corrupted channel file (lamedb file).