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Manage your DVB & IP television like a PRO
OS WindowsWindows

Version BETA – 12/07/2024

What's New:
    User Interface
    1. Radical design refresh with modern look and feel.
    2. Multiple layouts of channel, bouquet and favorite lists.
    3. Change overall round corners and font size (scalable).
    4. Sync theme background and accent colors with Windows.
    5. Remember every window size and state.
    6. Full keyboard shortcuts.
    7. Support Windows 11.
    1. Turn your PC into Home Hub (server) to share custom playlists.
    2. Share playlists across Smart Boxes/TVs (Enigma2, Android/iOS).
    3. Support any player compatible with XtreamCodes or M3U playlists.
    4. Support movies and series info (name, plot, cast, rating, ...).
    5. Support media assets (logos, posters, and backgrounds).
    1. Add unlimited playlists from XtreamCodes, M3U, and Enigma2 sources.
    2. Support Catch-up (archived Live streams).
    3. Select categories to download (Live, Movies, Series, Catch-up).
    4. Combine multiple sources into a single playlist.
    5. Customize and rearrange playlist bouquets and channels.
    6. Assign EPG and logos from multiple feed sources.
    7. Auto-update playlists on schedule maintaining your own setup.
    8. Blacklist (block) whole bouquets and streams from IPTV providers.
    File Formats
    1. Support M3U playlists natively (open, edit and save).
    2. Import M3U playlists with powerful options.
    3. Export all or selected bouquets as M3U playlists.
    4. Convert seamlessly between Enigma2 and M3U file formats.
    5. Convert DVB channels to live streams from Enigma2 boxes.
    1. Support Streamlink to watch videos from popular streaming services.
    2. Import channels from local files, Enigma2 boxes or feed sources.
    3. Download channels and bouquets lists from LyngSat and KingOfSat.
    4. Display both DVB and IPTV in the channels list.
    5. Filter channels on types, sources and characteristics.
    6. Batch mark channels as new/normal or parentally locked.
    7. Auto generate info of missing satellites (for Enigma2 tuner scan).
    1. Open multiple bouquets simultaneously in separate windows.
    2. Import bouquets in Enigma2/M3U format with Add/Replace/Update mode.
    3. Group bouquets by type (TV, Radio, Live, Movies, Series).
    4. Display list of other bouquets to which channel are added.
    5. Improve handling of bouquets-in-bouquet.
    6. Batch mark bouquets as hidden, inactive or parental locked.
    7. Toggle display of hidden/inactive bouquets.
    8. Support HDMI-IN source entry in Enigma2 bouquets.
    1. Display both EPG provider and source of each channel.
    2. Display EPG source language when assigning EPG.
    3. Edit EPG source and Id of channels individually (DVB/IPTV).
    4. Batch edit EPG of multiple channels or whole bouquets.
    5. Copy and paste channel EPG into other channels.
    6. Download the assigned EPG sources only rather than whole provider.
    7. Auto grab EPG from the assigned sources while streaming.
    8. Support EpgLoad plugin for DreamOS and Enigma2.
    1. Import logo packages from local files, Enigma2 boxes or feed sources.
    2. Export logos with multiple sizes and formats.
    3. Batch find and assign logos to DVB/IPTV channels or whole bouquets.
    4. Auto download and cache logos from playlists.
    5. Copy and paste channel logo into other channels.
    6. Improve logos loading and matching of DVB/IPTV channels.
    7. Toggle and change the preview size of channel logos (scalable).
    8. Change the background of channel logos (dark/light shades).
    1. New logo providers with different styles and sizes.
    2. New EPG providers (public sources).
    3. New playlist providers (free-to-air IPTV).
    1. Introduce third-party plugins to extend software functionality.
    2. Support VLC and Streamlink plugins.
    1. New integrated ticketing system to manage tickets from App directly.
    2. New simple account verification by E-mail.
    1. New powerful search and replace functionalities in every list.
    2. Browse image files in gallery mode with scalable preview size.
    3. Improve copy/cut/paste and drag/drop functionalities.
    4. Improve speed of files transfer from/to Enigma2 boxes.
    5. Improve overall speed and performance.
    1. Allow to unlink the original PC when activating license on new one.
    2. Allow another trial license even if it was issued before.
    3. Request a trial license from App directly.
    1. Update the Czech translation by Aleš Bartuněk.
    2. Update the Dutch translation by Bolle.
    3. Update the German translation by Waldemar.
    4. Update the Italian translation by Satrunner.
    5. Update the Lithuanian translation by Vytenis.
    6. Update the Norwegian translation by Seagen.
    7. Update the Polish translation by Dawid Kuma.
    8. Update the Portuguese translation by Carlo.
    9. Update the Serbian translation by Milorad Stevanić.
    10. Update the Spanish translation by titovich.
    11. Update the Slovak translation by EnoSat, Stefan Varga.
    12. Update the Turkish translation by CanPolat.
    13. Update the Russian translation by spartak73.
    Fixed Bugs
    1. Various bug fixes.



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