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ProgDVB - DigitalTV-DVB-IPTV - Update June 5, 2024
ProgDVB - the universal and very power software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels. - ProgDVB and ProgTV is two is 2 independent user interfaces which can work together from one folder at one list of channels, settings etc. ProgTV is aimed at use with remote control(HTPC). ProgDVB contains more functions but is intended for use by a mouse. Thus it is very convenient to use both interfaces.

Latest version 7.60.9 – 05/06/2024

Freeware - Trialware:

OS WindowsWindows

ProgDVB Installer for Windows 64-bit

Version 7.60.9 - 05/06/2024

ProgDVB Installer for Windows 32-bit

Version 7.60.9 - 05/06/2024

05.06.2024 ⏱ 20:51
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