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  [VU+ Skin] Metrix Curve FHD V1.0.2 - 04.11.2021 - Updates skin parts for AEL channel list, planner views, media hub - Updates Skinparts AEL Moviewall, AEL Eventview, AEL VTI Movieselection - v1 (half backdrop) and v2 (full backdrop) Action and criticism visible in the AEL EventView. Skin part addon for screen names added (for Skinner) - Update Infobar (IPTV Picons should be displayed, if available) - Update channel list picons now larger (in setting - set VTI channel list to picon size to user-defined) - Update extra data infobar for the normal version (without AEL) The private broadcasters (Pro7 and Co.) sometimes deliver strange data, so I can't do anything - Update PVR state in the movie player (play, reel buttons etc.) - Fix Movieplayer Poster with AEL and for the Metrix version (without AEL) - minor adjustments. Attention: Check skin parts, you may have to reactivate some because names have changed.