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  [Plugin] X-Streamity V3.50 (.deb) - 06.11.2021 - Fixed Record live streams if no epg. (been broke a while that) - Fixed XStreamity pin - I forgot to change some screens in the last release. So it wasn't working correctly. Fixed Vod/Series Info to be more complete - Provider default was being overwritten by TMDB even if TMDB was blank and default wasn't. Added timeshift querystring back to playlists.txt entries - if preferred way of adding the epg offset. Added EPG download location setting in main settings. - for those who want to move it from internal. Added new sort options for some levels. New English Language files as base for translations. General amends and improvements. And the big change. Combined live.py, vod.py, series.py and catchup.py into one new file called channels.py. (which was an absolute nightmare) - Which means the removal of lots of duplicate code. Which also now means all these screens operate pretty much exactly the same and should make it easier for me to maintain. All levels of live, vod, series can now be hidden. Including Categories, Channels, Seasons and episodes. So you can hide things you have watched. All levels of live, vod, series can be sorted or searched. Not a massive amount of change for the user, but boy it was a lot of change in the plugin code. Thx @KiddaC