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   [Plugin] RussianMediaPark V35.3 all (.ipk) and components for rmp all images 0.1 all.ipk.zip - 13.10.2021 - First time plug-in installation - After installing the plug-in itself in any way (via telnet, via image or unpacking) we take the following steps. First, download the archive with the components included in the attachment. We unpack, download the ipk package and throw it into the recipient's tmp folder. We will issue a command to install it in telnet: opkg install /tmp/*.ipk ////// Then, strictly sequentially (that is, one command at a time), we telnet the following commands: opkg install python-requests //// opkg install python-argparse //// opkg install python-pyexecjs //// opkg install wget //// ln -s /usr/bin/wget.wget / usr / bin / fullwget //// opkg install duktape //// opkg install ffmpeg //// - And that's all! - The plugin is installed and working.