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  [Plugin] MovieCutCenter Version 1.04 (.ipk) - 28.10.2021 - WeFraJo wrote: * In the cut film, the title is now taken from the M.E.T.A file of the original film (no longer with the getName function - this does not work correctly when the MCC is called from the standard MoviePlayer) - * With help, the names of the jump buttons are displayed correctly if 'Use jump button setting of the original editor' or 'Swap order of jump buttons' is activated - * The colors for the background, font and frame of the integrated skin can be changed in the settings menu. This means that the appearance of skins that do not allow their own skin parts (e.g. Kraven FHD) can be adapted to the skin used to some extent. If no frame is required, simply assign the same color as the background to it. Changes only take effect after a GUI restart. Thanks WeFraJo