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  [Plugin] AJPanel Version 3.2.1 all (.ipk) - 18.11.2021 *** Improved the Player Controller: Added info. to the bar (Date, Time, Resoultion, FPS, Remaining Time). - Added Menu to change position to to Top/Bottom of the screen. - Added menu option to launch IPTV page (if the player is opened by the Hotkey or from Extension Menu). *** Added "AJ IPTV" to Extension Menu (for easy access to IPTV options). *** Improved ''Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Channel''. *** Added new option ''Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Service (manual entry)'' to enter name with keyboard. - Fixed ''Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Channel'' (sometimes hangs on DreamOS). *** Improved Portal IPTV Channels. - Faster Zap from bouquets. - Channel Info will show Host, MAC, Mode, and a shorter URL. *** Fixed response when list is empty in: ''Services (Hidden List)'' - ''Services (Parental-Control List)'' - Improved PIcons ''Suggest PIcons for Current Channel''. Now works with Progress Bar (you can cancel at any point). *** Improved Progress Bar to show number of found items and the total processed records.