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   [Plugin] AJPanel V.3.0.0 (.ipk) - 16.10.2021 - ● Added Stalker-Middleware support. .. Can import portal data from most portal/stalker file formats (one-line portal or multi-MAC lines). .. The panel will search for all .txt/.conf files with names that include the words ''portal'' or ''stalker''. .. You can add channels to a bouquet and play channels directly from bouquets + download PIcons. .. To play a frozen channel from bouquets, just launch the Player Controller from hotkey (even for 1 second). .. When the streaming starts, you can exit the Player Bar (or hide it with OK Button). .. Use the Green Button in the Player Controller to refresh the streaming when it freezes. ● Enabled Channel-Up/Down in the Player Controller to zap in all IPTV tables. ● Added option to search for a name in M3U Servers (search in Live, VOD and Series). .. Find a full name or a word in the name (can use multi words separated by commas). .. Find names that start with a word (example: ^,word1,word2). - Added settings option to hide Adult Channels from IPTV-Servers. - Added settings option to remove IPTV Channel Name Tag (|EN| , |AR|Drama|) when browsing servers. ● Added settings options to Backup/Restore AJPanel Settings. ● You can now create IPK/DEB packages with multiple directories as follows: .. 1. - Collect your directories with their full puth into any temporary directory. .. 2. - Set ''Installation Path'' to "Root '/' (Multiple Directories Package)'' .. 3. - Create the IPK/DEB.