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  QuickSignal Mod Plugin by RAED version 8.9 - 19.03.2021 - Big change in plugin - Change some path inside plugin more improvements and organization - Add New notification Label if the plugin find Satfinder plugin to open it for search frequency - New look for setup screen - Add new feature to change the font of plugin.. *** Plugin import all .ttf files of font from (/usr/shar/enigma2) *** and can be add new fonts as you like in same directory but (need restart GUI then plugin can be find it) - Add new feature to show an style type of skin what you selected - Modify the installation script ... so that it searches for the picons folder in the plugin and moves them to a safe place, then deletes the plugin, installs the new, and returns the the picons again to plugin. Because some people have their own picons that they put in the plugin and not in the external devices for use with the plugin. Very Important: Should be install plugin by online command or plugin online update. (Don't install tar file) attach it for archived.