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  DemonEditor-Windows [64-bit] 2.0.0 Beta - 08.11.2021 - Redesigned graphical interface. - Added logs display in the GUI. - Added support for setting id for IPTV dialogs. - Added simple telnet client. - Added support for displaying sub bouquets (read only). - Basic markers support in the bouquet list (read-write mode) - Basic support for web import of services from KingOfSat. - Basic DVB-T/C support for Neutrino (not fully tested). - Stream playback support for Neutrino (not fully tested). - Added picons auto filtering on channel selection. - Added picons extraction from archives. - Improved recordings support. - Optimization of bouquets auto-generation. - Added Italian translation (thanks to Nicola Fanghella). - Update of Russian, Belarusian and German translations. - Bug fixes.