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  Release Total Commander 9.0 beta 6 (32/64) - 20.07.2016 - Fixed: Re-apply auto-switch view mode filters after Ctrl+U, but do not swap view modes themselves (32/64) - Added: Set color of currently active tab, overrides any view mode tab colors: wincmd.ini [Colors] ActiveTabColor=RGB value (32/64) - Fixed: Duplicate folder tab via right click menu -> copy also view mode, icon, and colors (32/64) - Fixed: Button with command other than .exe (e.g. .vbs) and parameter %S not working with spaces in the program name (reason: CreateProcess used instead of ShellExecuteEx, to allow longer command line) (32/64) - Fixed: Icons in folder tabs (to which the user switches) are lost after using cm ToggleAutoViewModeSwitch while no view mode switch rules are defined (32/64) - Fixed: Leave archive with F2/Ctrl+R -> view modes were still not updated in 64-bit only (64) - Fixed: Search with "ev:" prefix: ignore results in the form "c:", "c:", "\server", "\servershare" (32/64)
10 Jul 2020 - 17:54