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GorbTrack or Geostationary Orbit Tracker is a freeware program intended to be an aid in finding geostationary satellites. It produces output helpful in aiming dishes for receiving television broadcast satellites. - To install please unzip to a temporary folder and run Setup.exe. The program has been tested on Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Currently the only documentation is the description in the Readme file. When you start using GorbTrack please set your location in the Location tab. You can use the Country / City boxes or type your longitude, latitude and height in the corresponding fields. To make this the default location select Tools - Options and click Default. On the Sat Info tab many parameters of the selected satellite can be found. The filter buttons can be used to restrict the number of displayed satellites. The time and date can be edited to see how the data changes over time. To enable you to find the satellites GorbTrack produces a number of maps, which show the satellites from different perspectives: The Clarke Belt shows the band of satellites over the horizon visible from your location. The Ground Map or Azimuth Map shows the horizontal directions to the satellites over the ground plane. The Sun Dial shows the same map combined with a vertical sundial. If you print it out and lay it on the ground with a vertical stick in the center you can easily find the south and the directions to the satellites. An example is shown in the about box. As it is a vertical sundial it is only valid for a few days. The Hour Angle Map displays the angles to the satellites for a polar mounted dish rotor. The Elevation Map shows the vertical angles to the satellites. Have fun!
Apr.19.2019 14:48
SatHunter Version - SatHunter is a piece of software that provides users with the possibility to easily calculate the orientation of a satellite antenna, while also helping them to find satellites. *** Easy-to-use interface *** The program comes with an intuitive interface, allowing users to easily set their location and time zone, to browse the available satellites, calculate sun azimuth, or make adjustments to their tuner. The utility provides users with a list of all available satellites, and allows them to point the dish to either of them. Users can also calculate MultiFeeds with the help of this app. Users can also set up their tuner to fit the settings of the satellite, from the DVB tuner. It shows a list with all available transponders, along with their signal levels and quality, and allows users to set the tuner to any of them. Adjust the angle of a satellite antenna With the help of this application, user can not only calculate the orientation of an antenna, but they can also adjust its angle, so as to ensure that it receives the best signal from the satellite. Users can make the necessary adjustments without needing expensive equipment, and the action does not require advanced knowledge either. Calculate azimuth and elevation angle The tool can be used to view a list of satellite transponders that can be used to set up the receiver, and helps users easily calculate azimuth and elevation angle. Users can also calculate the solar azimuth angle, as well as the antenna offset angle and tilt, and can then make the necessary adjustments with the help of compass and tape measure. The tool automatically connects to a remote server that allows it to automatically detect the local time. It can also detect user's coordinates by IP, while offering fast performance capabilities. In conclusion All in all, SatHunter is an easy-to-use application that allows users not only to align an antenna to receive the best signal from a satellite, but also to set the tuner to connect to a specific transponder for that satellite.
Apr.19.2019 14:45