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CerX Full HD Skin Mod by Bueb Update Version 1.5 - 10.09.2019 - - Fix error message when editing movies fixed. - 2 new Skinparts channel list with more transparency and once the channel list with PIG (running TV picture) - TmdB 8.0 adjusted - thx Schomi

Sep.10.2019 23:04

CerX Full HD Skin Mod by Bueb Update 1.4 - 07.08.2019 - New Moonphase symbols (thx @schomi) for Wetter3 Plugin - New Skinparts Infobar alternatives - Optical adjustments - *** Installation: Either first uninstall the previous versions, or just install over it. Move enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod v1.4 all.ipk to / tmp. Button blue - Manual installation of packages. Select the copied .ipk - GUI reboot Menu - System - Settings - Skin - Select CerxFHDMod - GUI Restart ***

Aug.08.2019 00:18

CerX Full HD Skin Mod by Bueb Update 1.2 - 30.07.2019 - Skinparts sind nun in Ordner sortiert (Eure gewünschten Skinparts müssen neu akiviert werden) - EventView (Sendungsbeschreibung) inklusive großem Vorschaubild und Extradaten - Neue Skinparts: Infobar mit Cover oder Previewanzeige (Das Vorschaubild wird dann in der Infobar angezeigt)

Jul.30.2019 23:26

CerX Full HD Skin Mod by Bueb - 05.07.2019 - enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod v1.1 all.ipk.rar and skin Plugin VWeather3 Weather.xml - Update version 1.1 - Weather fixed, now goes without Wetter3 installation. - Standard Skin now without weather. Infobar and SIB, there are extra Skinparts, install them if you want the weather in the Infobar and SIB. - Skinpart for Skyrecorder - various small bugfix

Jul.06.2019 02:52