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Golden Interstar - Voyager II Firmware 2.4.48 - 23.07.2017

Jul.23.2017 18:04

Settings Golden-Interstar

Jul.18.2017 23:25

Neue Sofware Golden Interstar Hypro 4K - 20.06.2017

Jun.20.2017 17:16

Golden Interstar Voyager II Firmware V2.435 - 23.05.2017

May.24.2017 00:03

Apr.07.2017 23:38

Apr.07.2017 23:14

Apr.07.2017 23:06

New firmware Golden Interstar Voyager II V2.4.15 - 11.02.2017 - - DVB-T2 channels are assigned at the beginning of the overall channel list - Change the application server Weather - Fixed a problem with the reception sat after leaving TUBE8 applications and EMPFLIX - Fixed bugs in the "Save to USB" - Menu TV Guide> Schedule introduced moving the joystick on weekdays - Correction converter Import E2 lamedb

Feb.11.2017 19:25

Golden Interstar - This version of the test will continue to fix, but you can use it. Work Youtube...

Feb.10.2017 20:37

Golden Interstar HD FTA RU R33788-SE - 4.9E - 13E Legion all - 13.12.2016

Dec.15.2016 16:46

Golden Interstar HD FTA Channels 4W - 4.9E - 13E Legion - 13.12.2016

Dec.15.2016 16:45

GI Voyager II Galaxy 2.3.91 - 13.11.2016 - Update: Tandberg - Fixed: PowerVu

Nov.13.2016 19:31

Golden Interstar Voyager II Firmware 2.3.90 - 27.10.2016 - Work restored Kino-live - Refined function of loading in *** TV List.m3u list - Updated search provider - Fixed keys emulator - Fixed loading in the "Economy"

Oct.28.2016 00:17

Golden Interstar - Voyager II Firmware 2.3.85 - - Channel in the timeline progress infobar added TV shows and time before the end of - Restored LITE IPTV application updated channel list - Updated list of news portals RSS App - Fixed blind search channels for specific PLP DVB-T2 - In the TimeShift button PAGE +/- changes the direction of the transition step - Fixed the app "Weather Forecast" - Fixed language localization menu and graphics - Fixed: Virtual keyboard is a graphical menu (Replacement - Insert symbol) - In the *** TV application added *** TV List.m3u download function (finalized)

Oct.05.2016 23:54

Added: The function of the converter channel list Import E2 data, stored in the system. At this point in the test mode, operation is incorrect, the path to / enigma2 / lamedb Added: The ability to add LITE IPTV server to self-updating playlists Updated: Appendix Kino-live work restored

Jul.18.2016 12:23

PowerVU, Digea, ERT, SRG, Bulsat, BBC, Mezzo, Ant1 Europe, AFN, MU TV, MGM add new RCU... NETMEDIA: SUPER WEB TV LIST, Fix Youtube, Youporn, Weather forecast, EZ IPTV, BR.TV

Jul.18.2016 12:22

Golden Interstar

Jul.09.2016 14:27

Golden Interstar

Jul.09.2016 14:27

Golden Interstar

Jul.09.2016 14:27

Golden Interstar

Jul.09.2016 14:26


May.24.2016 14:31


May.24.2016 14:31

Golden Interstar -Voyager II Firmware 2.3.62

May.22.2016 01:11

Apr.22.2016 19:15