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AMIKO HD8260 SUPER V2.4.21 by Dekolte - 01. Update Stalker IPTV 02. Update Import E2 database
Mar.06.2017 15:11
AMIKO HD8260 2.4.16 Super by Dekolte - 20.02.2017 - Update: Net Media Application - Tandberg - PowerVU
Feb.20.2017 18:10
Amiko HD8260 Super 2.4.15 by Dekolte - This firmwares use FOR Test- ALTERNATIVE For Amiko 8260+ - TEST... Dont forget to make backupfile from your receiver to USB stick.When you put this firmwares maybe you lose all channel and configuration data.If you dont know how to recovery your amiko please dont use this firmwares.
Feb.13.2017 17:58
Tandberg PowerVU Update: Net Media Application
Jan.23.2017 14:48