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NEW DREAM ELITE 6.0 DM920 10.11.2018 - *** update DE EPG Importer to v3.8 - fixed Greece EPG - added EPG for Italy/ Erotic as requested by some Users - added EPG Italy / Greece as requested by User kyritsis - added EPG Poland / Erotic as requested by User °°))DIabOLik((°°update DE enigma2 *** update de & it language - added new supported skin ( BlackBoxHDMe ) - fix some Skin errors as reported also by Users *** Kodi - DE Edition - add Kodi Dream Elite Edition 17.6 to feed (install via DE Panel -> Addon Panel) *** update tuxbox-common - update satelites.xml to latest version (thanks @ Reinh@ard) - fix permission of terrestrial.xml and satellite.xml to 775 as reported by User kyritsis *** update DE Panel to v1.8 - added Extensions List in Utility Panel and removed it from long blue button as suggested by User pluto78 - added more Settinglists with menu for SAT & DTT - fixed install, update and deinstall of Plugins, Skins, Tools ecc. - fixed assistOS

Nov.11.2018 02:56