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Satellite Receivers

  Merlin OE 2.5 dm520 / dm820 /dm900 / dm920 / dm7080 -experimental - 15.12.2018 - Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit: PiconCleaner •New: add menu to filter by size (skinners: attention screen has changed!) •New: size = all lists all folders where the picon was found •New: when in all then apply changes to all sizes of the picon (delete/reassign) •New: use channel selection for selection of new picon filename •New: ask whether servicereference or name shall be used during reassignment •New: add more picon paths •Fix: adjusted skins to properly display information •New: add German translation •Fix: change some wrong label texts MerlinRadio •New: plugin to control radio mode without TV switched on VirtualKeyBoard •Fix: replace maybe not valid named colours by colour code in summary (thx to Arki)
10 Jul 2020 - 19:21