Dinobot U5mini + 4K+ - Free IPTV apk - 29.10.2018 - 1. First of all check whether you have the latest ANDROID VERSION installed. Go to ATVSettings – About – System Update 2. Download the apk file – freeiptv.rar and unzip this file and copy the file freeiptv.apk to root of your USB device and plug into box. 3. Open HiFile Manager – select Store – Select SDA/USB and install the file freeiptv.apk 4. After installed the apk, open the apk and press one time activate (you do not need to enter any digits) 5. Now reboot the box one time 6. Open DINOIPTV 7. Go to SETUP and choose sedit10 and activate it. 8. Go back at DInoIPTV apk and press ITV now.

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Date & Time 10 Jul 2020 - 19:19