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Video Streaming Downloaders - streamCapture2 Beta Portable for Windows 64-bit Version 1.3.22 - Free software for Windows and Linux 64-bit - Update 21.02.2022 - streamCapture2 is a shell for the command line program svtplay-dl. You choose quality and file size. The program saves your searches. Download one file at a time or collect searches in a list and download at the same time. The program works with Linux, Windows and MacOS X. The program is written in C++ and uses Qt5 graphic libraries. There is an installer for Windows. And AppImage for Linux (works with all Linux distributions). You can compile the source code for MacOS X. *** Version 1.1.6 Info: Bug fix, did not always find the latest stable svtplay-dl when searching at Updated svtplay-dl latest snapshot 4.9-7-gd9209f8 - Uses Qt 5.15.2, kompilerad med MinGW GCC 8.1.0 (Windows). Uses Qt 5.15.2, kompilerad med GCC 7.5.0 (Linux).