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Video Encoders / Converters - ffe Portable for Windows 64-bit Version - Free software for Windows - Update 19.02.2022 - FFmpeg is, by miles and miles, the best multimedia converter / streamer / recorder in existence. It is capable of handling a vast number of input and output (audio, video and other) formats, and depending on which binary you use; supports either a huge number of control parameters, or a really huge number of control parameters. In the time it took you to read this paragraph, a new format has been added. FFmpeg, by Fabrice Bellard, et al., is truly incredible software. And free. With FFmpeg you can basically convert anything to anything, whilst doing crazy stuff like mixing MP3 audio tracks with H264 video, and adding ID3 tags to AVI files. Big fun. Of course, it allows you do do things the correct way, too. No limits.