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Audio Encoders - exhale for Linux Version 1.1.9 - Free software for Windows and Linux - 18.12.2021 - exhale, which is an acronym for ''Ecodis eXtended High-efficiency And Low-complexity Encoder'', is a lightweight library and application to encode uncompressed WAVE-format audio files into MPEG-4-format files complying with the ISO/IEC 23003-3 (MPEG-D) Unified Speech and Audio Coding (USAC, also known as Extended High-Efficiency AAC) standard. In addition, exhale writes program peak-level and loudness data into the generated MPEG-4 files according to the ISO/IEC 23003-4, Dynamic Range Control (DRC) specification for use by decoders providing DRC. exhale currently makes use of all frequency-domain (FD) coding tools in the scalefactor based MDCT processing path. Its objective is high quality mono, stereo, and multichannel coding at medium and high bit rates, so the lower-rate USAC coding tools (ACELP, TCX, Enhanced SBR and MPEG Surround with Unified Stereo coding) won't be integrated. Important: Due to the missing lower-rate coding tools, the audio quality at the lowest of exhale's bit-rate modes (18 kbit/s mono, 36 kbit/s stereo) doesn't reflect the full capabilities of the Extended HE-AAC standard. Therefore, use the lowest bit-rate modes only when required. Also, please don't attempt to modify exhale's source code or to configure the command-line encoder to produce lower bit-rates. Use only existing presets and input sampling rates of 32...48 kHz. GUI.