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Nuke Evolution Skin version 5.7.3 - 11.07.2023

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Nuke Evolution Skin version 5.7.3 - 11.07.2023 - Added screens (replacement for MSN-Weather). If the plugin is installed, the weather screens can be selected in MerlinSkinThemes from v3.0.5. The screens with (time) remain as default in the skin. The names of the screens I have left as they were before. InfoBar: Discover (weather, FBC) - Evolution (weather, bluetooth) - Evolution (weather) - Evolution (weather, 16 demods, FBC tuners) °°° ChannelSelection: Discover (weather) - Evolution (weather, gradient) - Evolution (weather) °°° Standby Display dm9x0: Weather °°° Dynamic Display Plugin - Update: Menu -> Settings -> Software Management-> Update Software -> OK
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