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Youtube DreamOS Modded by cpt.n3m0 Plugin 1 + git992 + cb00c3e r0 all (.DEB) - 13.02.2022 - cpt.n3m0 wrote: I have adapted the youtube plugin from Taapat. It is based on the original and the DreamOS mod by RAED - I gave the whole thing a new interface and have made other adjustments. tThat would be... New Look <--- that was the most work for me. Yes-No query when exiting video. Eventview in video mode <--- via the info button ad postrm for a complete deinstallation if you don't feel like watching YouTube anymore and other little things... The plugin is only skinned in FHD and can only be used with an FHD skin. Move download to /tmp - Installation only with the Console/Terminal: dpkg -i /tmp/*deb - apt-get -y -f install - reboot *** you can uninstall it with: apt-get autoremove enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtube.