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[Plugin] YouTube by Taapat 1 + git956 + 5c2f676 r0.0 (.ipk) - 08.01.2022 - Remove twisted-web dependencies from plugin (depends python-twisted-web dependencies in meta-openembedded have been fixed for a long time and now it should no longer be a problem) - Fix python3 version in control file - YouTubeVideoUrl: update client version and key (Thx coletdjnz) - YouTubeVideoUrl: remove query in download webpage (I don't see the point in using so much code to just specify a client key as a separate value.) - Improve unverified context in urlopen - OAuth: excluding some code from coverage - YouTubeVideoUrl: excluding some code from coverage - YouTubeSearch: excluding some code from coverage - YouTubeVideoUrl: some code style updates (Rename function createPriorityFormats. Replace use of a reluctant quantifier. Remove the unused local variable retry.) - YouTubeUi: some code style fixes - YouTubeUi: ignore import shadowed by loop variable - Change raise Exception to RuntimeError - Rename functions in OAuth and init (To function names comply with a naming convention.) - YouTubeInfo: fix key red valign argumnet in skins.