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[Plugin] xtraEvent by digiteng Version 4.0 all (.ipk) - 07/12/2021 - various fixes... - Fixed bug in ''bouquet'' selection... I guess..because some stbs had this error... - Improvements have been made to render files...all epg scans have been removed unnecessarily... some files will have 1 scan, some will have around 10 scans.. - Added support for fontSize=''xx'' for - Added support for fontSizeNow=''xx'' fontSizeNexts=''xx'' for - you can add to skin codes... - a general problem with the arabic language for the plugin... I did not use the classical method for language support... because to translate the whole plugin.. I don't know if there is a problem in arabic language because of this... Arabic can also be written from right to left... no problem with openatv 6.4... If those who use the stb language arabic want to use the plugin in english, I can remove the arabic support... no problem detected in other languages...