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[OE2.5] X-Streamity - Xtream Codes IPTV Player v3.62 all (.deb) - 15.03.2022 - Added some error catches for errors dsayers and urie have previously highlighted -Changed catchup streamtype to be the same as vod/series. i.e if set to 5001 in settings for these it will play catchup the same. - Fixed an error in in my hidden streamplayer logger to prevent a crash on VTI - Tweaked The Movie Database code (TMDB) - Internet Movie Database should now search for a refined named rather than the original name full of junk (Do note, it seems IMDB has stopped working this evening. Nothing to do with my plugin - it might be ok tomorrow - if not we going to have to wait for a IMDB plugin update) - Unified all the quotes in my code to double quotes - back end work, doesn't effect anything in the plugin. p.s I forgot to update the version.txt file. The plugin will still show 3.61 in the screens. Sorry