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[Plugin] Sky Recorder Version 2.0.4 py2 all (*.ipk) - Update 02.12.2021 - Fitz wroteA: Because of the 'et' bug I built a new version. That should be caught now. Sky just fills the TV Guide worse and worse. I changed a few other things, however. You have to see if it works on VTi. The status of the yellow "All / New" button is now permanently saved. Please check: Does the yellow button work in the main window? Is the status of the yellow button still as it was before after closing and reopening the SkyRecorder? Do the other buttons still work? Like menu, info (or is it EPG with VTi?), Red, green, blue, ... The changes only apply to the main window with the list of programs. The TMDb search has also been optimized a bit. TMDb covers must now match the year in the TV Guide within a range of + -3 years. There are sometimes big differences between the TMDb data and the TV Guide. Older films are now more likely to automatically pick the correct cover rather than a too new one. Covers with the exact same name now have priority, if the year is correct.