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[Plugin] Serien Recorder 4.4.7 all (*.deb) - 30.12.2021 - New function: TVDB-ID can now also be set in the search results view. - The year of production of the series is now also displayed in the memo and the timer list. - The web interface can now be removed via the serial recorder settings. *** Changes: Entries in the timer list for which there is no TV series ID in the database can now be cleaned up correctly using the 8 key in the timer list. - Optimizations in the search in the EPG (it could happen that the same program was searched for several times). - Cover is not constantly reloaded in the series marker view, e.g. when navigating through the season selection popup. - The button Default values ​​(red) in the serial recorder settings has been renamed to Reset. *** Bug fixes: Fixed a crash when selecting a cover in the cover selection - Fixed a rare crash when installing the serial recorder web interface via the settings screen - Fixed crash during timer search if the year of production contains an x ​​e.g. D 19XX- (see note 1) - Fixed error when shutting down the box after the timer search if the box was in standby. - Fixed bug with the timer update, it could happen that the timer was not updated correctly if the new start time was earlier than the start time in the timer. - Fixed bug when updating the timer, if only the end time changed, the timer was not updated. - Spelling errors and unsightly wording in the global settings view have been corrected. - Fixed bug in StyleFHD skin. - Fixed an error when entering the season in the timer list and the episode list. *** Note: 1. It is e.g. about the series Telekolleg Physik which has a somewhat strange production year D 19XX-, the serial recorder can now also handle the two XX. This way of specifying the year of production is found in some series. *** THX @MacDisein