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[Plugin] plutotv OE2.5 + OE2.6 from Merlin team Version 1.0 r6 all (.deb) - 22/12/2021 - ketschuss wrote: What can the plugin do? It creates a bouquet for you for the streaming channels of Pluto TV. New channels are automatically offered in the plugin. It also generates the associated EPG for you. For Merlin it also loads corresponding picons for you. Plugin runs on every Dream OS image. Available via our feed for the dm9X0 / dreamone / dreamtwo and dm7080 / 820. to be found under the merlin4-thirdparty folders that match the OE - Known bugs: The stream does not start immediately on the dm9X0, repeated fast zapping can cause the dm9X0 to hang up. Also hits DM7080 / 820 too. After a commercial break, the video / audio stream cannot be synchronized. We have no influence on any of these bugs as we use the gstreamer offered by the Dream OS. **** VIDEO: **** Version 1.0r6: 3 sort options on blue: - Sender name - Sender number - Category *** Settings new on menu. Thanks Merlin team