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Obacht E2 Plugin Version 1.0 all (.ipk) - 11.07.2023

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Obacht E2 Plugin Version 1.0 all (.ipk) - 11.07.2023 - Oberhesse wrote: This plugin reminds you by a short text insertion of upcoming programs that are broadcast regularly and within fixed time windows (e.g. Tagesschau, heute, RTL Aktuell). In contrast to the system timer, Obacht displays the notice only temporarily, i.e. it does not have to be confirmed or removed via remote control. The duration, size, position, font and color are configurable. For each program a lead time can be set: For example, if 30 seconds of lead time and 5 seconds of duration are set for the Tagesschau, the message "Tagesschau" is displayed from 19:59:30 to 19:59:35. For programs with occasionally changing times (e.g. heute Journal), an EPG check is possible so that time shifts or program cancellations are taken into account. Without EPG usage, Obacht can also be used for other reminder purposes. The function for outputting sound signals is marked as "experimental" because it does not work on all boxes. Compatibility Adjustments - Thanks Oberhesse
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