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[Plugin] MovieCutCenter Version 1.09 all (.ipk) - 30.03.2022 - Update & fixes - Page 4: * Quit MCC after the start of the cut (can now also be set if the original is not overwritten) - * Display message for cutting errors: Since nonsensical error messages sometimes appear, you can generally suppress the error display here - * The duration of the display for the start and end of the cut can be set (with 99 you can suppress the message completely). If 'Exit after start' is activated, no start message is generally output. This is necessary because very short display times at the start display lead to a crash for an incomprehensible reason. ***** Page 6: * Start MCC settings from the movie player menu (additional option to the VTI panel). Is displayed directly after the MovieCutCenter. - * Prefix for sorting the plugins in the movie player menu: Here you can put a text in front of the name of the plugin (MovieCutCenter), so that you can use the plugin e.g. B. can sort at the very beginning. Neither the standard movie player nor EMC support that. If desired, I can send instructions to EMC via communication - it's really easy. Thx @WeFraJo