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[Plugin] EventDataManager for DreamOS all (.deb) - 11.12.2021 - As the name suggests, the plugin manages event data, which can be used for EPG information or in other areas of the information display. With the plug-in and its converter / renderer, you can display extended information (series info, rating, genre ...) and event images for the EPG data (similar to a program guide). The plug-in has its own info and help, which can be called up with pictures via the plug-in (''Plug-in Assistance''). The help explains a lot about what you can do with the plugin: - you can load event data for 1-2 days in advance - Event images older than 1-3 days or all can be deleted automatically at a certain time - there are 4 event providers + TMDB - the plugin creates a database, this is created under / etc / enigma2 - Information and images from TMDB are collected in the database and can then be used for display - Depending on how many providers you have switched on or whether you have the database updated when you load it, or the larger the database, the longer it takes to download the data - The loading can also be put in the background, to do this simply close the plug-in screen, pop-up messages are then output while watching TV - Manually delete and add to the database is also possible here - Quick search in the database by remote control (number keys) - Search the TMDB for suitable entries - TMDB info display on the search and database screen - a link table as json is available in the plugin path, but can also be used with your own links in / etc / enigma2 - Links can also be assigned directly in the plug-in; these are written directly into the database and displayed in the link screen with the TMDB ID.