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[Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet Version 1.0.58 (Mod Dorik1972) all (.deb) - 31.01.2022 - Minor code changes when parsing and ''traversing'' XMLTV records to save RAM. *** Fixed import of events from XMLTV, in Py2-based images, the channel id of which is not set in Latin1 encoding. *** Fixed sorting of channel and group names in natural alphabetical order in Py2 based images *** Changes have been added to the code regarding the use of the specified XMLTV in the EPG url field of the provider's settings. This field should be left empty if the playlist you are using contains tvg-url or epg-urg tags with a specified link for XMLTV. If you specify a link to XMLTV in this field, the plugin will automatically match and select events from the XMLTV you specified. The plugin will find the most appropriate ''display-name'' tag value names with the channel name from the playlist being used. If the XMLTV specified by you contains links to channel picon in the ''icon'' attribute values, then you can specify their use in the settings by specifying ''Yes'' in the ''Get by links from the specified XMLTV source'' submenu. With this submenu, you can choose between using picon from links in a playlist or from links in XMLTV. The best result of auto-selection of EPG events and picon will be achieved when using XMLTV recommended by your IPTV provider. If you do not have the XMLTV recommended by your provider, then I strongly recommend using the multivariant XMLTV of your region. Multivariant XMLTV contains multiple variants of the same channel name in ''display-name'' tags. The more different channel name options will be contained in XMLTV, the higher the probability of finding matches with channel names in the playlist used.