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[Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet Version 1.0.54 (Mod Dorik1972) all (.deb) - 04.01.2022 - 1) In the configuration menu, the ability to set an arbitrary choice of the path for storing plugin configs is now available. By default, the path to the ''media'' with the freest space available is suggested. When you click ''OK'' - the preset will be available - list of paths on all available media (HDD, USB e.t.c.) sorted by free space. Doesn't like from the list - you can put any path as you wish - 2) Fixed a crash on DreamOS when choosing the menu for choosing days to import bouquets - 3) Added deletion of picons downloaded by this plugin when selecting the ''Reset bouquets'' menu - 4) The binding to the default EPG and access to the online base of picons has been completely removed - 5) Fixed and redesigned the algorithm for processing additional XMLTV sources using ****-override.xml - Now you can set the XMLTV you need as the main or additional by matching the values of the tvg-id attribute - in the channel section and the channel id of the used XMLTV - 6) Fixed XML escape / unescape algorithm. Now it is completely consistent with the logic -…cuments/46637835#46637835 - 7) Added support for specific HTML escape characters (& nbsp; e.t.c.), which are sometimes ''forgotten'' clean up XMLTV creators by parsing data from HTML pages - 8) Added a check for a running enigma2 process to the scripts of the control ipk package before doing RestartGUI after installation/update. - 9) Added ''crutch'' to support BlackHole 3.0.9/3.1.0 images.