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[Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet Version 1.0.53 (Mod Dorik1972) all (.ipk) - 27.12.2021 - 1) Fixed Italian locale - 2) Fixed override.xml crash on Py2 based images - 3) Optimized override and arbitrary sorting algorithm in override.xml - 4) In override.xml, the serviceRefOverride attribute has been added to the channel node. It used to override the original serviceref with the desired one. For instance: <channel name=''SKY EUROSPORT1 HEVC'' nameOverride='''' tvg-id='''' enabled=''1'' serviceRefOverride=''1:0:19:F4F:2198:FBFF:820000:0:0:0'' /> - In this case, the serviceref of the Eurosport 1 satellite channel will be set for the SKY EUROSPORT1 HEV channel. And if you have EIT EPG enabled, the events from the EIT EPG Eurosport 1 will be displayed on SKY EUROSPORT1 HEVC - 5) Minor optimization of importing EPG events. Before installing this version, if you used override.xml, you must remove it and fill it with new content as you wish. I again slightly changed the names of the xml structure attributes to optimize the ''traversal'' of the records.