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[Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet Version all (.ipk) - 16.12.2021 - 1) An XMLTV file download timeout has been added to the EPG import algorithm. By default - 10 seconds. If the file is not downloaded during this time, then the parsing of this EPG will be canceled. The change is due to the fact that the standard twisted Agent.request has only a connection timeout... But if he connected to the server and the server gives ''a drop per hour'', then he will hang and wait... at least 5 hours , at least 10 ... Now, if you haven't downloaded the file in 10 seconds, then just skip ''this time''... This is due to the fact that yesterday I ran into Glanz, which ''gave away'' xmltv with a size of 8 MB for more than 3 hours... delusion.. .Now such a situation is impossible - 2) A small reorganization of the code has been carried out. The author is also working on a plugin for downloading EPG. also here in the topic I will provide a mod plugin epg import.