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[Plugin] AJPanel V5.0.0 (.ipk) - 20.04.2022 - Added Subtitle for Local/Recorded Movies to run srt files. >> .. You can start the subtitle from the Player Bar menu option ''Start Subtitle''. >> .. If you have a subtitle (srt file) in the same directory, clicking ''OK'' from the Player Bar will automatically run it. >> .. Once a subtitle starts, it can be started again on the same movie just by clicking ''OK'' from the Player Bar. >> .. If a subtitle is running, use the Menu key to change the delay, style, encoding, srt file or disable subtitle. - Added Multi-Selection option to all IPTV Tables (to add selected services to a bouquet and download selected PIcons). - Added Multi-Selection option to ''Services (Parental-Control & Hidden)'' table (to add selected services to a bouquet. - Added ''View (Select Encoder)'' option to File Manager menu to view files with a specific encoder. - Added Auto-Repeat option to the Player Bar (works as long as player bar is showing or hidden). - Using Key-0 in the Player Bar will switch to 10 seconds jump (instead of 10 minutes). >> Improved ''Dev. Info.'' Language/Locale information to show more details. - Improved file viewer to align Left/Center/Right with RCU keys ''<'', ''0'', ''>'' - Improved viewing ''SoftCam.Key'' file to look for ''SoftCam.Key'' and ''SoftCam.key'' (capital and small-letter ''k''). - Main Fixes (for reported problems): .. Fixed Auto-Refreshing on some Portal-Live channels. >> .. Fixed AJPanel Update problem on DM900 with NewNigma2. >> .. Fixed ''IPTV Server Browser (from Current Channel)'' not working with some portal servers. >> .. Fixed crashes on OpenVision-11.2 (Python-3.10.4) when accessing PIcons, Services options and processing channels with unicode characters. *** Thx @biko-73