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[Plugin] AJPanel V.4.0.0 (.ipk) - 01.02.2022 - Added Download Manager to download Movies/Series from servers. Some features are: - Direct download and M3U8 Segmented Streams with various resolutions - Pause/Resume (server dependent) - Multiple downloads can run simultaneously on different servers and on the same server if it allows - Options to either start the download immediately or add to the list to download it later - Download from IPTV Server Browser or from bouquets (via Player Bar) - You can add full Series (all Episodes) to download list (and can be downloaded at any time) - Episodes will be downloaded in a separate directory with the Series name - Progress and download speed are shown during the download. - Added Setting Option to ''Auto Reset Frozen Live Channels (player dependent)''. - Added option to the Player Bar menu to get the file size of the current playing movie/series. - Added option to Player Bar and File Manager to open the current path location of a local playing movie. - Added the Blue Button in the Signal Monitor to switch to the Player Bar. - Added ''Subt'' & ''Audio'' keys to the Player to open System Subtitle and Audio windows. - Added number of ''Audio Tracks'' and ''Subtitles'' to the Channel Info. - Changed ''Exit'' key in File Manager to point to the parent directory (instead of jumping to first directory). - Improved reading Playlist and Portal files with various encodings. - Improved Properties in File Manager to show total/free/used space (for mounts only). - Improved Player Pause/Resume Button for some images. - Fixed GUI-Restart on OpenATV-7.0 after using ''Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Service''.