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[Plugin] AJPanel Version 3.2.2 all (.ipk) - 26.11.2021 - Added ''AJ Info.'' option to ''Events info menu'' and ''Event View Context Menu''... This is to access AJPanel-Channel-Info from device default info (Long-Info or Info >> Menu). - Improved ''Share Reference with Satellite/C/T Service (manual entry)'': .. Fixed ''Name not found'' if the IPTV channel name includes a prefix (example : ''(FR) '' , ''VIP '' , etc)... Fixed the search to be case-insensitive... The result list is now sorted by the closest name... The table shows full satellite name instead of the short satellite code. - Fixed crash on DM800SE when trying to get Packages list (No Enough Memory). - Increased font size and width of some tables. - General improvements.