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Video Editors (Basic) - Videomass Portable for Windows 64-bit version 3.5.8 - Update 26.03.2022 - Freeware for Windows, Mac and Linux - Videomass is a GUI designed for FFmpeg enthusiasts, who need to manage custom profiles to automate conversion/transcoding processes even with multiple files in series (batch processing). It is based on an advanced use of presets and profiles in order to use most of the FFmpeg commands without limits of formats and codecs. It features graphical tools for viewing, analyzing and processing multimedia streams and downloading videos via youtube-dl and/or yt-dlp. Videomass is Free (libre) Software, created and maintained by Gianluca Pernigotto (jeanslack); it was written in Python3 using the wxPython4 toolkit; it is cross-platform and works on Linux, MacOs, Windows and FreeBSD. Videomass Logo and related artworks are created by Gianluca Pernigotto (jeanslack) and by KDE/Breeze Icons.