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Shadow WQHD DreamOS Skins (.DEBs Files) - 18.08.2023

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Shadow WQHD DreamOS Skins (.DEBs Files) - 18.08.2023
Shadow WQHD DreamOS Skins (.DEBs Files) - 18.08.2023
Shadow WQHD DreamOS Skins
☆☆ Shadow WQHD skin for Dream One, Two and Seven devices ☆ ☆
WQHD skin has a resolution of 2560x1440

zombi wrote
Note about the skin:
My Shadow WQHD skin got a new license (this is also in the skin.xml and this is please note, if I notice that this is ignored I will no longer offer public update's and there will be no further skinupdate more or from me absolutely nothing more free for the general public.
license "This skin may not be changed or offered under a different name.It may only be used on Amlogic Dreamboxes with the DreamOS operating system."
If you want to have alternative screens etc. you can do this with styles and a styles_user.xml ,this is allowed and even wanted ,but a mod. of the WQHD skin or other adjustments in the skin is absolutely not wanted and this is stated in the new license to the skin.
The Shadow WQHD Skin is an extended version of the default WQHD in the new DreamOS and only usable for the Amlogic Dreamboxes which use the new Dreambox aio (All IN ONE).
It is like all my current skins not a GP skin (even if this is in the name) but GP Ready, which means there must be nothing of the GP installed the skin is default always in all Dreambox aio executable whether it is the original, Merlin, NN2 or...
Since this skin is a WQHD skin with a resolution of 2560x1440, it is mainly suitable for large TV devices, even small TV devices goes, it just depends on whether one is then not everything too small by the resolution, you just have to test it.
This skin has compared to the default WQHD many more plugins geskinnt, some screens are a little andersst than in the default and also he has certain extra info about extra converters and renderers that are not in the image directly inside.
Also, this skin no longer uses the gesammtPaket enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-extcomponents (this must also no longer be installed in old version, otherwise the skin is not installed) but individual enigma2-plugin-skincomponents where I have the necessary also attached here in the first post.
necessary dependencies to use the skin:

The enigma2-plugin-skincomponents attached here in the post must be installed to install the skin (without one of the packages, the skin will not be installed.

Manual installation:
Variant 1.
download all deb packages to tmp and then install with telnet
apt-get update ; dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb ; apt-get -y -f install
Variant 2. load all deb packages to tmp and then install with a file browser or the media scanner

Install online:
- simply only the skin over the Addonbrowser of the GP4.2 under Enigma2 Skins as well as Gemini Skins to find to install/updaten click and start,it are loaded then all necessary packages with.

Package is attached but install last skin version from last post

Customization of the designs and more:
Through the plugin Styles what it here: Styles to reload and where is also the support for the plugin you can customize some already default in the skin.
As the name of the plugin says, the look of the skin can be changed.
You can also create your own styles_user.xml if you are interested in the whole thing and put it in /etc/enigma2
This user file will be shown in styles (if you have enabled them for the skin) and then you can add your own stuff.
With Styles you can use several color designs of the skin by default, many more and different screen views for certain plugins and much more.
Thanks biko
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