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OpenVIX release 6.4.004 - 19.08.2023

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OpenVIX release 6.4.004 - 19.08.2023
OpenVIX release 6.4.004 - 19.08.2023
OpenVIX New Release
OpenVIX: release 6.4.004
  • Merge branch 'Developer' into Release
  • [VuWizard] temporary: protect config.misc.restorewizardrun from missin plugin as it is initialised in the plugin
  • [UsageConfig] Add qaf to original language
  • [eDVBServiceRecord] fix some recording issues
  • configure-ac FCC - convert AC_HELP_STRING to AS_HELP_STRING
  • [Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
  • openvix: developer
  • openvix: developer
  • openvix: developer
  • [FCC] add --with-fcc build flag
  • services] Add proper return values in start procedures
  • [FCC] check if m_fccmgr exists before using it
  • ο»Ώ[] Add FCC mods
  • ο»ΏFCC - Fix video issue with usbtuner when fcc is enabled
  • [servicedvb] fix audio when plugin Quad pip enabled
  • [FCC plugin] update list on configElement change, not just on left/right, as these are not the only controls
  • [FCC-patch] keep the compiler happy
  • FCC - fix my prev. commit
  • FCC - avoid multiple instance of eFCCServiceManager
  • replace nonsense debug message from openvision
  • FCC Plugin: remove more unneeded code
  • [FastChannelChange] Add to tuner menu
  • [FastChannelChange] remove unnecessary code
  • [fcc.cpp] PyInt_FromLong -> PyLong_FromLong
  • fcc - fix py3
  • tryfix fcc
  • Use futurize to fix has_key
  • Add Fast Channel Change support
  • Merge pull request #889 from Orlandoxx/finnish_translation
  • Updated Finnish (FI) translation
  • openvix: developer
  • [Setup] remove Centre DVB Subtitles option as not needed.
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