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NeoBoot Plugin (VU+) by gutosie Version 9.49 - 18.03.2022 - Tests have been added for the Dreambox MIPS receiver. OpenPLi recommended in flash. For dreambox only openpli-based images work. To install NeoBOOT on a receiver with a small amount of flash memory, such as the DM500HD, you need to free up some space by uninstalling the plugins. Recommended vuplus image for flash openpli. Recommended other stb image for flash egami or openpli only install with the command contained here, do not install from other sources of the ipk file type! Installation of neoboot. Run the following command in the terminal of a supported tuner. Instalacja neoboot. Uruchom poni┼╝sz─ů komend─Ö w terminalu wspieranego tunera. opkg update >> opkg install curl >> curl -kLs|sh *** je┼Ťli w/w polecenie nie zadzia┼é pr├│bujemy polecenia: - if the command doesn't work, try the command: cd /tmp; wget --no-check-certificate;chmod 755 ./;sh ./; rm ./; cd *** e┼Ťli w/w polecenie nie zadzia┼é pr├│bujemy nast─Öpne polecenia - if the command doesn't work, try the command: cd /tmp; fullwget --no-check-certificate;chmod 755 ./; sh ./; rm ./; cd