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[Plugin] KodiLite 8.3 - 23.02.2022 - The following Italian addons (attached below) are tested using Openatv 7.0 python 3 image. Should also work with python 2 images (check in /usr/lib for python version): 1) >> based on Kodi addon by Nightflyer et al - 2) >> based on Kodi addon by phate89, aracnoz - 3) >> based on Kodi addon by Luivit, Testato -4) >> originally developed by Lululla - 5) >> also originally developed by Lululla *** Required by raitv: 1) - modified script.common.plugin.cache - 2) Required by videomediasat: all modified script.module.beautifulsoup4, script.module.inputstreamhelper, script.module.phate89 *** Note : If versions of these scripts are already installed - please delete them before installing the attached. Thanks pcd