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HD BOX S4K COMBO Version 1.3.70 - 29.11.2023 - What's New: The ''Fast search'' menu has been added t

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HD BOX S4K COMBO Version 1.3.70 - 29.11.2023
HD BOX S4K COMBO Version 1.3.70 - 29.11.2023 - What's New: The ''Fast search'' menu has been added to the initial factory launch, in which you can quickly search for the main satellite TV operators, as well as terrestrial DVB-T2 and cable DVB-C broadcasting. - Fixed the “Search by Provider'' operation, added Russian World and Alma TV operators. - Added the function of auto-updating keys or AutoBISS (the Internet must be connected), activated in the Channel menu - Advanced channel settings. - Editor of favorite channels, added the ability to sort in alphabetical order. - Display time of the information panel, added the option to display constantly. - Eutelsat 7°E satellite position, added keys for channels NHL feed 1, NHL feed 2, frequency 10762 V 28800. - Fixed operation of the iKino cinema application. - Fixed the "Freeze Frame" channel switching mode (on 4K UHD channels it can switch through a black screen). - Added the “Standby mode” setting to the additional settings, with the parameters economical and normal. - DLNA client, added support for the DMP standard. - Updated language localization, complete editing of the Ukrainian language database, thanks to the user Ghost-Ghost for their help. - Other changes.
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