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GTMEDIA GTCOMBO (USB Computer Cable Flashing) Firmware Version 2.0 C20.A9.1.17 - 27.05.2022 - Precautions: 1. USB upgrade using ZIP package file - 2. Do not use software that does not match the model - Change log: Fix the Russian menu problem - Fix Arabic menu issue - When the number key is added to change the channel, the program name will be displayed - Add Keep Channel Name, keep the channel name switch when sweeping stations - Added REC icon display switch - Add new EPG interface - Add EPG translation function - Added Audio Language option OFF switch - Fix Italian LCN search - Fix the problem of USAL latitude and longitude and motor search channel - Add low battery reminder for bluetooth remote control -Under CUSTOM, set the software whitelist option - Increase satellite KA band - After the blind scan, play the scanned satellite FTA program - Add TNTSAT card support.