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FileZilla Server Version 1.8.0 rc1 - Update 04.09.2023

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FileZilla Server Version 1.8.0 rc1 - Update 04.09.2023
New features:
-The number of open files, directories and sessions can now be limited, both on a group and user basis. The functionality is accessible via the "Limits" tab in the groups and users configuration panes..
-Implemented a new syntax for the placeholders to be used in the mount list native paths. ":u" becomes "%<user>" and ":h" becomes "%<home>". Usage documentation has been added within the Administration Interface and can be accessed from a link below the mount table editor..
-Admin UI is now built against wxWidgets 3.2..
Bugfixes and minor changes:
-More explanatory logging in case of errors when reloading the configuration..
-UI: fixed bug that made it impossible to switch the type of a listener from FTP to SFTP..
-MSW: Installer fixes for silent installation..
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