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AvsPmod Beta Portable for Windows 64-bit Version - 08.08.2023 - AvsP is at its core a tabbed

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AvsPmod Beta Portable for Windows 64-bit Version - 08.08.2023
AvsPmod Beta Portable for Windows 64-bit Version - 08.08.2023 - AvsP is at its core a tabbed text editor with features specific for creating AviSynth scripts. It has text editing features such as AviSynth-specific syntax highlighting and autocompletion to simplify the task of writing scripts. However, its primary advantage over other editors is its integrated video preview, which remains attached to the main window at all times. Comparing the visual results of several different scripts is as easy as writing the scripts into several different tabs and activating the video preview, switching between tabs gives instantaneous feedback on visual differences (anyone remember lining up multiple instances of VirtualDub and alt-tabbing?). Furthermore, the program offers a unique way for the user to define sliders for any number in the script, giving AviSynth a unique graphical interface never known before. The following are an outline of the program's main features: Tabbed text editor - Avisynth-specific syntax highlighting and autocompletion - Integrated video preview for easy script comparison - Unique user-defined sliders for rapid filter setting comparison - Built-in crop editor in video preview - Bookmark any number of frames for quick access - Complete macro language using the Python programming language - Graphical front-end for command-line compression tool avs2avi. - Visit developer's site:
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